Affiliate Program

The top affiliates of the program receive more than $50,000 monthly. Register and take the opportunity to cash in on the growing popularity of online casinos. Refer your friends to the casinos part of this program and receive profits for it.

Why should you be involved in this?

You should participate in the Luxury Casinos partner program Canada because you can earn huge amounts of cash just by referring your friends to the casinos in partnership with Casino Rewards. Make use of the advanced tools and support to earn cash.

Rewards Affiliates will keep a business relationship with you based on your performance. The more users you bring, the more you are paid. You will have access to exclusive commissions and fantastic rewards.

Affiliate Program details

Rewards Affiliates have a tracking system to determine payments on both sides. You get a login name and password for monitoring. Whenever a player clicks on their banner on your website, you will get a commission from the program. You must choose one of the three options while joining Luxury Casinos Affiliate Program.

The 1st Option gives you $50 whenever your referral signs up and makes a deposit of more than $100. This is valid if your referral joins any one of the partner casinos.

The 2nd Option is a bit different and will give you a percentage of the money that your referral wagers on any of the partner casinos. As you bring in more people and they spend money, you will keep receiving more and more. The revenue stands at 35% at every level of wagering.

The 3rd Option works like a Tiered Revenue system. When you refer 0 to 10 players, you will earn 25% of their wagers. If the new users are between 11 and 20, then you will receive a 30% commission. Refer more than 21 people, and you will receive a 35% commission on their wagers on any partner casino.

Conditions for partners

Affiliates will use their Linking Code on their website. Anyone can surf your website and then click on the Linking Code. It will send them to the casino website. As you send more and more players, you will earn more money.

It is not necessary to create your website, and you can even use newsletters, e-mails, magazines, etc., to promote the Linking Code and get more and more people to open and use it. You can log in and check your stats like how many people clicked the link, your account balance, and other things.

Features of the Partner Program

Top features at Luxury Casinos Online Affiliate Program

  • Choose one of the three commission models according to your preference and needs.
  • This partnership is valid for a lifetime, and you will spend money for as long as you refer players to Casino Rewards member casinos.
  • Payouts are always fast and reliable. In most cases, you will receive the money before the 7th of each month.
  • Your linking website remains unique using advanced tools, flash games, etc. New and updated content will make sure your profits increase.
  • Their experienced and dedicated team will help you with any query or problems you face.
  • If any of your referred players have a negative balance, it will automatically reset to 0 at the month’s start.
  • All casinos in the program are powered by industry giants, Microgaming.
  • There are no limits to your earnings.

Luxury Casino Affiliate Program - 50% comision for the first month

How to Join Luxury Casinos Affiliate Program?

You need to register and make an affiliate account at Rewards Affiliates first of all. It is totally free to use, and you can access your account instantly after registration. You will get a Linking Code to refer players to the casinos. This web address is totally unique and tells Rewards Affiliates that this person came from your referral.

Rules for participation in the Partner Program

  • You cannot use a machine or false practices to generate visitors to the website. You can get prosecuted for this too.
  • You will receive it by the 7th every month, but you will not receive it if the payout is less than $200.
  • Use of any unethical tactics will result in your account being banned.
  • Each of the three commission models has some terms and conditions, so you should read those too before getting started at Rewards Affiliate.

Affiliate Program Rules of Reward Group