VIP Loyalty Program

Are you a Casino player from Canada? Then here’s some good news. The Online Luxury Casinos is offering a Very Important Person (VIP) loyalty program. The program has a loyal Canadian customer base with points that can be redeemed into various goodies, including bonuses that players can use in blackjack, roulette, slots, and the other games offered by Luxury Casinos. This Luxury VIP casinos also allow VIP customers to exclusive special bonuses inaccessible to other customers.

What is the VIP program at Luxury Casinos?

New Luxury Casinos customers are automatically signed up for the VIP Loyalty Program during the first Luxury Casinos login.

As such, all customer activity on the casino website contributes to their standing in the loyalty program, allowing gamers to climb towards the VIP status level that unlocks more exclusive bonuses and other benefits.

To attain the Very Important Person status, Luxury Casinos requires that a customer must have enough earnings to move them up the 6-level status ladder, only possible through the frequent playing of varied casino games and betting.

With six status levels in the Luxury Casinos loyalty program, each level attained offers customers more benefits than the previous, including birthday gifts, bigger bonuses, sweepstake tickets, free spins, as well as VIP Lucky Jackpot opportunities, among others.

All 6 levels are divided by color:

  • 1st level – Green;
  • 2nd level – Bronze;
  • 3rd level – Silver;
  • 4th level – Gold;
  • 5th level – Platinum;
  • 6th level – Diamond.

Each color has its own advantages for each category: for bonuses, for jackpots, for gifts, for support, for games, for casinos.

Depending on what currency you use and what game you play, you can earn VIP points at different rates:

GameVIP Points Earned for every $10 wagered
Table Games0.5
Video Poker0.1

Note: Wagers on All Aces Video Poker do not earn VIP points.

Popular questions

How Can I Join it?

Open an account with Luxury Casinos in Canada with a loyalty program. When you start playing you are automatically enrolled and become part and parcel of the program. It is completely free to join, and players get to enjoy top online games that feature a large assortment of slot games that suit every taste and budget.

The good thing is status level remains and the advantages still progress with you regardless of the way you play. You can also contact the readily available and friendly support team to get more information regarding the program.

How Do I Find out My VIP Points?

For every 100 you have earned, you are guaranteed a dollar in chips. If you want to have a view into your history, click on the ‘Points History’ button. Seize this opportunity so you do not miss out!

Once a customer logs in, click on the “Casino Rewards” tab or via the “Promotions” section on your device to access your customer account. You will see how many you have accumulated since joining. You can also find out how many you can withdraw, and how many you need before you can withdraw.

How do I use My Points?

They will never expire and the minimum number that is redeemable is 1000. If you are eligible, you can redeem them for some credit at any time. With more credit, a member has access to games offered at pay-out rates of 97% or more.

The more you play, the more benefits you reap. The credit can help in moving a player up the levels and gain more. After logging into your account, click on the ‘Redeem’ button that you will see. You will then be asked to confirm and within 5 minutes the credits will be reflecting.

Players who have accumulated the most, get to enjoy bigger and better promotions. So, go ahead and play more and win much more.